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This PSA was made to educate all good children on the etiquette of school life, and the dangers lurking in every place of learning.  Face pedagogy,  eat tasty snacks, and join Cowboy Peepy, Ungacopter, and Leglet as they venture to rescue Ema from the dark depths of School™!

NOTE: If you run into an error when launching the game, run "rpg2003_rtp_installer" and try again!

This project was made for itemLabel's "Rescue Emerald Peepy" contest, and drew heavy inspiration from thecatamites' Space Funeral.  For those who enjoyed the soundtrack for the game, it can be found here.  For those who didn't, we apologize.

Also, we recommend you save frequently! :)

Here be the credits:

TechnoToast - For the game poster, in-game video, character sprites, and editing!
WeirdoSheep - For the tilesets, character sprites, writing, editing, and assembly!
Hippoopoo - For the music, character sprites, writing, and assembly!

thecatamites - For creating Space Funeral and inspiring us to create this game!
Space Funeral - For existing!
Mason Lindroth - For creating the Hylics games!
Chuck Salamone - For creating Hylics 2 musics!

Kybo, Gabs, Lance, Clewd, and Scraps

Outside Assets Used:
thecatamites - Dracula sprite & several behind the scenes mechanics and system settings.
Jerma985 - Morning announcement voice clip.
FreeSounds.org - Wacky sound effects.
Artbreeder.com - Creepy leglet portrait base.

Special Thanks:
Mushbuh - Ty for create peepy & itemlabel!
Theef - Ty for the throwing stars & itemlabel operations!
Mods & Support Team - Ty for keeping itemlabel things running smooth!
N. Thommessen - Ty for the Dream Machine patch, the soundtrack wouldn't exist without it!


PSA1.1.rar 290 MB


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I would love love love love to play this but i'm on mac, is there any way you could make a version for mac? if you don't want to that's fine.


Unfortunately, since we made this in RPGMaker 2003, there's no easy way to port the game to Mac. I did manage to find this post https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/how-to-play-any-rpgmaker-on-mac... , however I'm not sure if it's still up to date or worth the effort! If you do manage to get things up and running, the good news is that there are tons of other great RPGMaker games that this should work for as well, including this game's main inspiration Space Funeral. Sorry about the hassle, we'd love for our game to be more accessible! 

thank you I'll try to use that :)


Just a goofy, wholesome silly good time


a ride down peepy lane